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New Saffron is your new food companion that offers the best menu choices. We have an excellent environment, a great and friendly service towards customers. So if you feel like eating your cravings right now, give us a call. We are based at 17 St Giles Ln Thetford IP24 2AE, Indian.


1, CHICKEN JALFREZI - One of the best to try in New Saffron is our Chicken Jalfrezi. It is a flavorful and savory curry with tasty and tender chunks of meat chicken to enjoy. It is sauteed in thinly sliced tomato sauce with some special onions and peppers. You'll be sure to enjoy the Indian flavors of cheese with the perfect cooking. It is ideal for a midnight meal, so feel free to contact us if you feel like eating anytime.

2. LAMB TIKKA - How long has it been since you last ate a lamb Tikka, or have you ever tasted one? Say no more because we offer the best Lamb Tikka in town. It has small pieces of tender lamb that are carefully marinated in different spices and yogurt, then put together in a skewer. You can have it well cooked with us and delivered to your door in a fresh and warm state.

3. RICE AND CURRY - Looking for a great meal today? Perhaps the famous dish from Sri Lanka and India is the one that you've been craving. Rice and curry have all of it: a large bowl of rice, fish or chicken meat, and dhal cooked in a great curry. Get ready to be stunned by the aromatic flavor of our rice and curry with the citrusy and sweet mashups.

If you're interested in ordering, you can download our Application at App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android. You can also check us out at .

About New Saffron

New Saffron has always been committed to serving customers with a carefully cooked meal, making everyone have an ambiance of the home. We offer food anytime and anywhere as long as you order at our Application from Google Play or App Store. For more information, check us out at 17 St Giles Ln Thetford IP24 2AE, or visit our website: .

Restaurant location New Saffron

From 17 St Giles Ln Thetford IP24 2AE, Indian is the New Saffron restaurant. We are the ones you're looking for if you want food on the go or you have an irresistible craving. So get ready to order in our application found at Google Play for Android device users and App Store for iOS device users.

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